Top 10 game controller innovations!
The world of video games has changed drastically within a few last years. As the technology  has gone through a constant improvement, the world of games and gaming accessories have seen a lot of up gradation so far. By this article, the gamers will be able to know about the topmost innovations that the world […]
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Can a gamepad beat a keyboard and mouse?
Keyboard or a gamepad? Although most gamers debate on this topic every now and then, they are very less likely to come up with a conclusion. Since not all games are similar, therefore it becomes difficult to analyze and stand at a point of concurrence with which everyone will agree. It is a well-known fact […]
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Are 3rd party controllers worthwhile?
A research says that almost 50% of the gamers prefer first party controllers, and only an 8% of gamers prefer the third party controller. So does these statistics prove that the third party controllers are not worthwhile? Let’s find out. What is a third party controller? Third party controllers are like service providers of the […]
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