IOS Key Customize Setting Tutorial

Devices Connection

Step1: Connect the power supply with the cable(please use the adapter with 5V1A)

Pic 1

Step2: Connect the keyboard &mouse.

(Please pay attention that don’t put the keyboard & mouse into the left side Power Output Port)


The instruction for the Converter Port, you could reference the below Pic 3.

mini bluetooth keyboard&mouseconverter1 (8)Pic 3

Tips:*Press the button to turn on / off

*Long press the button 5 seconds to turn off the Bluetooth connection.

*The converter will automatically enter into sleep mode when it is inactive at 2 mins

Pic 4

Bluetooth Connection

After the devices connection, the next step is to connect the Bluetooth. Please follow the below steps to pair the Bluetooth.

Step 1: Click the Setting ,select and turn on the Bluetooth


Step 2: Search and Pair the GAMWING-MIX-I-XXXX(IOS mode)

The default Bluetooth is under the Android mode, so IOS users need to shift into IOS mode. Press Ctrl+F2 to shift the mode. Then Select GAMWING-MIX-I-XXXX(IOS mode)

*The Bluetooth name with I is for IOS mode, without I is for Android mode. eg: GAMWING-MIX-I-XXXX (IOS mode) GAMWING-MIX-XXXX (Android mode)

 Pic 6

 Pic 7

After finishing the above setting steps, you could directly login and play the game.But if your keys are not match or you want to customize the key based on your gaming habits.

You could follow the below steps to customize your keys.


Customize Key

Step 1:You could Search and  download the APP Geekgamer from your iPhone APP Store.


Pic 8

Step 2:Official PUBG Key Setting, Please follow number instruction shown from Pic 19-21 as below.

  1. Enter into PUBG and click setting ==>Click Controls==>3.Click Customize

==>4.Press Reset(Be Sure To Press Reset )==>5.Make a Screenshot and save the image.

        Pic 19


           Pic 21  Screenshot Image

Step 3 : Reset the key on APP, please follow number instruction shown from Pic 22-27 as below

Enter into APP Geekgamer==>1.Click Game Mapping Config==>2.Click Screenshot

==>3. Add Screenshot(Please add the screenshot image shown as Pic 23)

==> 4. Select PUBG mobile official config==> 5. Click Config==>6. Customize your key

Tips: *If your APP flash back and unable to operate above steps, please upgrade your IOS into the latest version.



Pic 22

Pic 23

Pic 24

Pic 25

Pic 27

Step 4 : Adding New Key

Long press on the screen to add new key, if the default key setting is enough for you, we are not suggesting you to add the extra key.

Pic 28

Step 5: Change the key position

Press and drag the key could change its position.

Pic 29

Step 6: Delete the key.

When you drag the key, on the top of the screen will show a Trash key. Move the key to Trash could delete the key.

Pic 30

Step 7: Save the key settings, please follow number instruction shown from Pic 31-33 as below

  1. Click Save.(Save is to save the key mapping to your mobile phone )
  2. Click Download to write in the setting.(Download is to write in your key setting into the converter)
  3. Click Close to log out
  4. EnterPUBG to start the game

When you download to write in the setting, please make sure that the PUBG must be turn off!!! (Important)

Pic 31

Pic 32

 Pic 33

Attention: Please make sure that the charging port’s direction of your mobile phone or tablet should be turn on the RIGHT side, before you play the games.

                       Please make sure to CLOSE THE APP FIRST after you finishing key customization, before you play the games.