BEBONCOOL Wireless Game Controller For Android Phone/ Tablet / Samsung Gear VR /...

BEBONCOOL Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller with Clip for Android Phone / Tablet / Samsung Gear VR/ Game Boy Emulator


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BEBONCOOL Wireless Game Controller For Android Phone/Tablet/Samsung Gear VR/Game Boy Emulator(Blue)

  • Support Android 3.2 above System; Standard HID protocol game controller; It has two joy sticks, a D-pad, home button, start and select buttons, X,Y, A, B buttons and L1R1 shoulder triggers
  • Compatible with android smartphone Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, Nexus, HTC, LG G4 G5/android tablet PC/emulators/Oculus
  • Built-in lithium battery 350mA, Battery life is about 5-8 hours when playing continuously; Phone mount for your phone can accommodate smartphones up to 3.0 inch wide, support phone screen within 5.9inch
  • Wireless connect to any Android cell phone, tablet or VR headset running Bluetooth 2.0 or higher
  • BEBONCOOL GAMEPAD APP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bebooncool.gamepad

Package Includes:

1 x gamepad
1 x charging cable
1 x user manual
1 x carry bag