BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Converter for Android iPhone Games

BEBONCOOL Keyboard Mouse Converter for Android iphone Games Bluetooth Pubg Mobile Converter Gaming Dock Universe Adapter Gun God Throne Artifact Stimulate/Battlefield/Jedi Survival Aid


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BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Converter for Android iPhone Games

  • 【Wide Compatibility】Suitable for most Android IOS mobile phones and tablets. (Not including keyboard or mouse)
  • 【Customize Mapping】Customizable keyboard button setting for your preference, supporting button combination, auto-fire and one-click-macro! Significantly improves your victory by providing better control of quick-aiming, tap firing, spraying, and everything!
  • 【Enjoy Games】Easy to connect to your phones via Bluetooth , allows you to use your own keyboard and mouse to control the shooting or battle mobile games, such as for PUBG/ Arena of Valor/ Knives Out and more on Android system.
  • 【PC Game Experience】100% PC gaming experience on smartphones. BattleDock allows you to use your own Bluetooth keyboards and mouse to control the mobile games, bring your weapons to the new battlefield.
  • 【Light&Ultra-thin】Makes it easy to pack into your bag, and is ideal for travel, and other outdoor activities, bring you a convenient gaming experience.

Game Setting Video Guide:

Click the below links for video instructions of setting different games with BEBONCOOL PUBG controller:

PUBG game setting(IOS) click here

FreeFire game setting (Android) click here

You could also click the below guide to have the details setting:

IOS Key Customize Setting Tutorial (Click here)

APP Download:

For IOS:

App Name: UUBOX

Download Route: Search UUBOX at APP Store


For Android:

App Name: UUBOX

Download Route:

  1. Download by link:   https://www.pgyer.com/T2js
  2. Scan the QR code:QR code for UUBOX

After you visit the link and the page is in Chines, you could follwer below steps to change the language.


Application Tips:

To have a better gaming experiences , before enter the game we would like to  share some tips for your references.

1.The default Bluetooth is under the Android mode, so IOS users need to shift into IOS mode.

Press Ctrl+F2 to shift the mode. Then Select GAMWING-MIX-I-XXXX(IOS mode)

*The Bluetooth name with I is for IOS mode, without I is for Android mode. 


 Pic 1


2.Please make sure that the charging port’s direction of your mobile phone or tablet should be turn on the RIGHT side, before you play the games.

3.Please make sure to CLOSE THE APP FIRST after you finishing key customization, before you play the games.

4. The keyboard is not working properly after enter into the games. For  example WASD key not working. You could try with the below ways

First, please make sure that the cursor must be hidden when you use keyboard, click the mouse wheel to hide it . If there is situation that you have to use the cursor, you could click the mouse wheel again to call out . This is a Very Important point !!! If the cursor have been hidden , but the keyboard still not working right, please try with below solutions:

Solution 1 : Make sure that the charging port of your mobile phone should be turned on the right side.

Solution2:Press Ctrl + X to shift the keys.

For more FAQ of the Bluetooth converter , please click the below links for details :

FAQ for  Mini Bluetooth PUBG Converter (Click here)

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