Is Rechargeable Batteries For Xbox Controller Worth Buying ?

Is Rechargeable Batteries For Xbox Controller Worth Buying ?


Anybody playing video games with a wireless controller and regular AA batteries knows the struggle of having to replace batteries in the middle of a game. Compared with the PS controller, one of obvious differences is that the internal battery is not available in Xbox controller. The player could only use the standard AA batteries for the Xbox controller charging or play the games with wired data cable. However gaming in this way is quite limited and you cannot fully experience the joy of the game. To play the game without annoyed by changing the battery in the middle, buying rechargeable battery pack for Xbox or a charging station would be a good choice.


beboncool xbox one rechargeable battery pack


To get right one battery pack, you need to take some time for it. Saying that is because there are many option on the market with vary battery capacities. For the AA batteries with 1800mAH are weaker and don’t hold the charge as long as the one with 2500mAH or higher. Moreover vibration and headsets drain the controller, so if you want to keep the controller working longer, better choose the higher one. In fact, BEBONCOOL also offer the solution for this with their 2550mAh Xbox rechargeable battery pack.

Besides the high capacities, it has a very wide compatibility. Modes like: Xbox One/ Xbox One S / Xbox One X/ Xbox One Elite controller. And the package comes with 2 battery so you could totally enjoy you gameplay and there always have the second charged for standby. Plus, one full charging could support 10H game playing by each battery. The charging for the battery pack itself also quite universal with 3 charging ways available.

To be honestly, the battery life is greatly related with how many times and how often you charge it. So for the players who already have the battery pack or Xbox controller charger kit and who use the cables to charge their controllers, if your Xbox rechargeable battery pack doesn’t work, you could check the below points first before you replace a new one:


  1. Test the charging cable or charging heard:

Check the charging cable for the controller or the charging heard of the batter pack. Try with different cable or charging head, sometimes the cables might cause a short.


  1. Clean the battery contacts

Find a dry cloth or isopropyl alcohol to clean the battery contacts. But please don’t use the water or other chemicals, it will damage the contacts.


  1. Test the wireless controller

Put AA batteries into the controller, and then test the controller to make sure it is not caused by the controller. Test with a different Xbox One rechargeable battery pack. If the controller is working fine, then we could eliminate the cause of the controller



For more charging solution for Xbox and PS controller, you could also visit this page to have more choices from BEBONCOOL.


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