How to set up and use Game-pads!

Gamepads are generally called joysticks. But before you start using a gamepad, it is essential that you install the software for the same. Many a time, the software is available in the installation CD. However, in case, you do not have it anymore, then you can avail the driver from the internet too.

How to set up the gamepad on your computer?

You may check the website of the manufacturer, and there the download option will let you download the setup file easily.
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The sequential steps to install a gamepad to your computer are listed below. Read further to find out.

  • The first step is to connect the joystick to your computer with the help of an available USB cable. The cable is connected to the gamepad on one end and the other is to be connected to the computer.
  • The next step is to insert the installation CD into the disk drive of the computer. The installation will automatically start after the computer is able to recognize the new CD.
  • However, if the process doesn’t start immediately, then you can open ‘my computer’ and double click on the new CD or DVD drive. A list of options will be opened wherein you need to select the install.exe or setup.exe file by double-clicking
  • In case you have downloaded the setup the file from the internet, you may run the same for installing the driver for your gamepad.
  • You will see new dialog boxes opening up. Here you need to go through the installation wizard as per the steps one by one. After a few minutes, the installation will be completed and you will be able to use your game-pad or joystick for playing video games.

How to use the gamepad on your computer?


Once you have installed the gamepad for your computer, you might want to test it if the driver is properly installed or not. There are various controlling methods which you might want to customize too. Follow the following steps to test whether the joystick installed is working or not as per your desire.

  • At first, click on the start menu on your windows screen.
  • You will get a search toolbar with a blank, there you can type game controller. You will get to see many other options. From there, search or scroll for ‘set up USB game controller’ option in the list. Click on it.
  • You will see a list of controllers or joysticks, in case you have more than one. However, if you are installing for the first time, then you are likely to see the name of only the one that you just installed. Select the joystick name you would like to test.
  • Click on the properties or the link provided and you will get to see the status of the joystick whether it is functioning or not.

Isn’t it simple? Definitely, although sometimes, you might need to make some changes while you are playing games, but that is completely optional.

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