FAQ  for BEBONCOOL Mini Bluetooth Converter

Q1. Can not play games after bluetooth connection for IOS system:

Step 1: Make sure to connect the right Bluetooth. Because the Bluetooth for Android and IOS is different.

If you are connecting the wrong one, please press CTRL+F2 to shift the mode.

If you want to shift the mode from the Android, please press CTRL+F1.


*The Bluetooth name with I is for IOS mode, without I is for Android mode.



Step 2:Make sure to CLOSE the game before customizing the keys at APP (Geekgamer). After you finish the key customizing at APP , CLOSE the APP first , then start the game.



Q2. Can not play games after bluetooth connection for Android system:

Step 1: Check the CPU of your mobile phone. BEBONCOOL’S PUBG converter is not support MTK CPU.

Step2: Check if you have successfully upgraded the software or not. The whole process include 2 stage : one for the firmware upgrade and one for MCU upgrade. The latest software version is 3525, if your device showing 3523,that means the MCU hasn’t upgraded. Then you need to forget the Bluetooth pair and search to repair . How you could check the software version, please follow steps :

  1. Enter UUBOX==>2.Click the Setting==>3.Click BASIC INFO (Please reference the below pic from pic 1- 4 )

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Q3. Failed to upgrade

There are some situations that the Android phone are not able to complete the upgrade process. If you Android receive the notice that MCU upgrade failed. Then you could follow the below steps:

Step1: Close the APP UUBOX and forget the Bluetooth pair, search and repair again.

Step2:After pairing, click to enter the UUBOX ,then the MUC upgrade begins and wait 2-3 sec the MCU upgrade will be completed.


Q4. APP Download

For iPhone User:  You could Search and  download the APP Geekgamer from your iPhone APP Store.


For Android User: Please download  the APP from the link:  https://www.pgyer.com/T2js



Q5. Android phone with QualcommSnapdragon CPU 651-652 not able to call out the cursor.

There are 2 cursor in BEBONCOOL mini Bluetooth converter : the simulated mouse and the system mouse. The simulated mouse is only for Fortnite. The system mouse is for PUBG and other games.  (Please reference the below pic from pic 5- 6 )

  Pic 5  Simulated Mouse

Pic 6  System Mouse

If you phone not able to call out the cursor, please follow below steps : (Please reference the below pic from pic 7- 15 )

1.Enter UUBOX==>2. Click Setting==>3. Click Other==>4.Select the first option(For gamers who play Fortnite, select the third option)==>5. Click Write Config==> 6.Go to Bluetooth & devices connection, click the current connected Bluetooth==>7.Select Forget ==>8.Search to repair, select pair new devices ==>9. Select Gaming-MIX_xxxx==>10.Enter UUBOX and the Game


Pic 7

Pic 8


Pic 10

Pic 11

Pic 12

Pic 13

Pic 14

Pic 15

Q6. The light is on but it could not search the Bluetooth signal

There are 2 status of the converter light: one is flash and one is on. The flash means the Bluetooth waiting for connecting, while ON means the Bluetooth has been connected. If the light is ON and your own mobile phone or tablet is not connected then long press the key of the converter for 5 sec to disconnect the other connection. If the Converter light is not ON, please check if the connector is loosen or if the power cable , adapter and plugs works properly or not.

Pic 16

Q7. The keyboard is not working properly after enter into the games. For  example WASD key not working.

First, please make sure that the cursor must be hidden when you use keyboard, click the mouse wheel to hide it . If there is situation that you have to use the cursor, you could click the mouse wheel again to call out . This is a Very Important point !!! If the cursor have been hidden , but the keyboard still not working right, please try with below solutions:

Solution 1 : Make sure that the charging port of your mobile phone should be turned on the right side.

Solution2:Press Ctrl + X to shift the keys.