Can a gamepad beat a keyboard and mouse?

Keyboard or a gamepad? Although most gamers debate on this topic every now and then, they are very less likely to come up with a conclusion. Since not all games are similar, therefore it becomes difficult to analyze and stand at a point of concurrence with which everyone will agree.

gamepad vs key

It is a well-known fact now, that the games with first-person shooters, for instance, Counter-Strike, require a keyboard and mouse for easier operation. And gamers usually prefer that. Whereas on the other hand, there are some games that play fair with gamepads.

Therefore, apart from personal choices, there is the basic requirement of a particular game type too, in order to decide the type of game controller you should be using to play the same.

Is there a perfect peripheral?

This particular thing must be made clear that there is no single answer to this. A perfect controller doesn’t exist. Be it a gamepad or a mouse-keyboard combo, you would need to analyze the needs of a game and your comfort in order to decide on a game controller.

Every controller developed to date is known to be flawed in one or the other way and you have to decide on your priorities before using them.

What to look out for in keyboard-mouse combo and gamepads?

The keyboard has a lot of keys, so if you are playing a game that has a lot of commands and hotkeys, then you are very likely to use the combo instead of gamepad or joystick. In simple words, the games that have role-playing demands or involve a lot of strategies are most likely to be played using keyboards and mouse.

As already mentioned, the games that have first-person shooters are also played using this combo. Mainly the mouse is of great help.

Secondly, a gamepad is specifically designed for gaming, unlike a keyboard, which is more of a necessity in operating a desktop. Therefore, a gamepad will give you all the facilities of gaming.

gamepad vs key 2

While the gamepads are designed in such a way to make the left hand can access all the relevant keys (ZXCV). They give the most used keys with an optimized layout. Whereas, the keyboard with all its keys makes it difficult to access the keys for a right-hander, as they have t change their torso in order to reach the relevant keys for playing video games.

Therefore, gamepads are great for your health too. They keep your posture proper so that you are able to use them without much hassle.

Finally, in conclusion, it can be said that neither of the two is a perfect choice for all games and gamers. Instead, they can be unique controllers for unique games.

You need to understand that, if a keyboard is all about quantity owing to the number of keys it has, then a gamepad is all about quality because it has lesser number of keys, but only the relevant ones. So, there is a huge list of control peripherals available and you need to choose as per the requirement of the game.

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