Are 3rd party controllers worthwhile?

A research says that almost 50% of the gamers prefer first party controllers, and only an 8% of gamers prefer the third party controller. So does these statistics prove that the third party controllers are not worthwhile? Let’s find out.

What is a third party controller?

Third party controllers are like service providers of the gaming world. They develop various games for different consoles but are not owned by any large company that makes consoles for games, such as Nintendo, Sony, etc. Therefore, they are free to make any number of games as per their desire. These companies include Sega, Activision, Namco Bandai, BeBonCool etc.

What are the first and second party controllers?

The first party controllers are video game companies themselves that develop and release the games. For example, Nintendo. It is a video game company that developed the game Mario and released it on its own on a Nintendo console. Later these companies develop the further versions and keep releasing them without the help of any other company.

On the other hand, second party controllers are the video game companies that are owned by other companies. They develop games and own the characters of those games. But they are released by the main game company itself.

For example, there is a game called Banjo Kazooie, it was developed by Rare, a second party game company which was owned by Nintendo. So, here the game is partly owned by both the companies, but it was released by Nintendo for the N64.

Reasons for using the 3rd party controller

You are likely to use a third-party controller game because it’s a cost-effective deal with respect to first-party controller games. Definitely, the games developed and sold by the major companies will try to pull up their revenues from the games, which is quite huge in amount. However, in the case of third party controllers, it is not so.

The cost of third-party controllers often includes the price for customization and other relevant features. But that doesn’t make them any more expensive than the first party controllers. The latter was developed so as to give the users a cost-effective deal with gaming platforms.

Take the Xbox or PS4 for instance, wherein the first party controllers can be highly expensive, even going up to thousand dollars. Whereas, if you are opting for a third party controller, the cost is nearly $40 or $50. Some are even as low as $20.

You can avail the BEBONCOOL (BBC) game controller for this regard, as it comes in a Bluetooth set and it is one of the best choices for playing games on smartphones. It is also best suited for android phones and android tablet PC. It has been found that the controller works best with most of the Samsung, LG, HTC and other series of Android smartphones.

The final verdict

It is very difficult to decide on which type of controller is the best because there is no definite answer to this. You as the user will have to decide on to which controller you want to use. While both first and third party controllers are suited for gaming, it is up to you to choose the one which will let you play the game better. The BBC wireless controller has a portable design with 12 keys and all other relevant and useful features.

But, as per the article, the verdict beyond comparison can be stated as; it is really worthwhile to use a third-party controller for gaming. Because they are equivalent in features with the first party controllers and are also comparatively cheaper.

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