5 problems faced by today’s gamers and how BeBonCool has a solution to all of them!

If you are a gamer, there are certain problems which you may have obviously faced in your gaming journey so far. Majorly the problems are related with gaming accessories. In most of the cases, the accessory you choose for gaming may deceive you widely. Haste while buying the accessory and lack of research results in this kind of problem. You should always keep in mind certain aspects while grabbing the right device. The main component of gaming is the joystick and in this case BeBonCool serves with a wide range of joysticks for enhanced gaming.

Let’s discuss the 5 main problems which a gamer generally faces and check out how you can have a solution for each:

The Joystick is not compatible with the device

In most of the cases, you face a problem with the joystick where it might not be compatible with the device that you play the game with. This generally happens because the joystick is not made according to the correct standard. It can be a barrier while playing games in a specific gaming setup.

BeBonCool joysticks come in a wide range where there are exclusive devices made for the proper compatibility with play stations and XBOXs. And, the brownie point here is that the gamepads are compatible with different kinds of smartphones too.

Problems regarding the device connectivity

This can be a major problem for you if you choose your smartphone as the gaming gadget. In most of the cases, as a gamer, you may experience a problem regarding the connectivity. The Bluetooth connection in a major number of joysticks may be hard to connect.

BeBonCool joysticks have the most recent and technologically advanced Bluetooth setups which help it to connect to various gadgets like phone, tabs, VR headsets etc. Moreover in case if the joystick is wired, the gadgets can be easily connected through the USB cables.  In the case of mobile joysticks, an app comes with the joystick for the easy installation process.

 Problems regarding control and operation

One of the most vital problems which the gamers of this generation face are problems to control the joystick properly. No matter whatever type of gamepad you choose according to your need for gaming, user-friendliness is the primary thing you should consider.

The BeBonCool joysticks are user-friendly to a large extent. There are many joysticks which come in pairs. If you choose them your gaming can be enhanced.

Portable design

There are many gamepads in the market which can give a gamer a nightmare by the shape and weight. The joysticks manufactured by BeBonCool are handy, convenient and manageable.

Durability and Charging

This is another vital problem that most of the gamers face. While most joysticks serve you with poor durability, the BeBonCool joysticks come with improved lithium batteries and well equipped charging facilities. There are charging indicators installed in many joysticks for easy knowledge about the battery condition of the gamepads.

So, now that you understand the various issues that most of the gamers face, you also know how BeBonCool can be of help. Make a smart choice!

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